mission story spices
mission story spices

can i cook with enspice products?

yep, enspice nutrients are heat resistant.
why are enspice nutrients heat resistant?
it's a (trade) secret.
how are enspice products made?
we extract nutrients from their natural and organic plant sources through a proprietary process that protects them from water and heat. we then add them to tasty seasonings & spices.
is there anything synthetic about your products?
are enspice products organic?
our nutrients are from 100% organic produce. our spices are not certified organic. that's on the horizon.
what about non-gmo?
yup. (or no, we don't have GMOs)
vegan friendly?
yes, except for chipotle bbq which has honey.
can you taste the plants in enspice seasonings & spices?
nope. we extract just the nutrients from the plants. The taste is from our seasonings & spices.
whats the shelf life?
check the bottom of your canister for a best-by date. Like most spices, our products can be enjoyed for years. After the best-by date, they may lose some of their flavor. But, you can still use them.
what's enspice mean?
enhanced spice
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