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impact story spices
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Hi! We're the Murphy's, founders of enspice and the enspice children's foundation. We're a family with a medical background, and a love for the best humanity has to offer - children. After traveling to Madagascar and Guatemala to provide medical aid for children and their families, we saw the same nutrient deficiencies across diverse diets.

Wanting to do more, we founded the enspice children's foundation in 2016 to provided nutrition for children around the world.

We started providing nutritious meals for children, one meal at time. And continued working on our idea for enspice, enhanced spices packed with the nutrients we all need.

24,000 meals and 3 years later, enspice was finally created and our social enterprise was born. In providing the most convenient and natural way to get our nutrients from their natural sources, we're building food equity for the children of the world.
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At enspice, our mission is to help people get the nutrients they need in the simplest way possible, through healthy spices and seasonings. We launched the full line of enspice spices and seasonings in 2019 with this goal in mind, and have worked tirelessly to ensure enspice blends utilize only whole, natural ingredients, remain chemical and filler free, provide the daily recommended dose of vitamins and minerals for a healthy diet, and most importantly--taste delicious!

food equity for all

We believe every person deserves access to the kind of nutrition that comes directly from the food we eat. For every container of enspice sold, we donate a nutritious meal to a child in need. We are committed to building a future with equal access to nutrition, and we need your help to get there. Check out our current global partners, including Feed My Starving Children, and learn more about the work we are doing to improve food equity around the world.

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