For centuries spices have been used to make our food taste great, we asked - why can't they also make our meals more nutritious too? We've reimagined the spices and seasonings you know and love, like black pepper and seasoned salt, and packed them with nutrients from organic plants like spinach, kale, and sweet potato! Same great taste, just a whole lot better for you.
It's all about the plants
We extract essential nutrients from plants like kale and sweet potato, then blend these nutrients in with fresh spices. The result? Your daily dash of the essential nutrients in stealth mode.

Vitamin A,

A key nutrient for every body - supports your immune system, vision, and tooth + bone health.

Vitamin B1,

Thiamine - Aids conversion of food to energy, and nervous system functioning.

Vitamin B2,

Riboflavin - Supports healthy skin, vision, and food to energy conversion.

Vitamin B3,

Niacin - Key for digestive health, skin health, vision support, nervous system functioning, and food to energy conversion.

Vitamin B5,

Pantothenic Acid - Supports your metabolism through food to energy conversion.

Vitamin B6,

Pyridoxine - Supports red blood cell production, and protein metabolism.

Vitamin B7,

Biotin - Aids in food to energy conversion.

Vitamin B9,

Folate (folic acid) - Key for new cell production, and DNA functioning.

Vitamin B12,

Cobalamin - Supports new cell production, and nervous system functioning.

Vitamin C,

Ascorbic Acid - Antioxidant that aids in protein metabolism, immune system health, and iron absorption.

Vitamin D,

Key nutrient for calcium absorption and bone health.

Vitamin E,

Antioxidant that protects cell walls.

Vitamin K,

Supports proper clotting of blood.


Key part of hemoglobin, the molecule in red blood cells that carries oxygen.


Used by the thyroid hormone, key nutrient for regulating growth, development, and your metabolism.


This trace minerals works closely with insulin to regulate blood sugar (glucose) levels.


Used by a variety of your body's enzymes, and is a key aid to iron absorption.


A trace mineral that helps your body's connective tissue, bones, blood clotting, and hormones.


A trace mineral that helps filter out sulfites and toxins in our bodies.


A powerful antioxidant that protects cells from damage, supports cognition, and supports your immune system.


Last but not least, Zinc aids DNA synthesis, bodily healing, gene expression, enzymatic reactions,, protein synthesis, bodily growth and development, and supports your immune system.
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